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The fastest way to order is directly on-line. Ordering on-line could not be simpler, just follow the easy on-line instructions, and the whole process should not take more than a few minutes.

IF you are ordering on-line for the first time, you may find it reassuring to know that our secure server on-line credit card approval facilities have been tested literally 1000’s of times successfully, and are totally secure.

Our on-line credit card facilities are processed via Lloyds TSB Bank. No credit card details will be kept by our store and will only be accessed by Lloyds TSB on-line merchant service Cardnet.

However, we also understand that you may not be happy about ordering on-line. In this event we offer an off-line option of payment via Phone, Fax or Post. When purchasing your goods at the time of payment select Offline payment - Fax/Post and then print out the order form and return the form to us via one of the three methods.

Alternatively please feel free to call us to place your order, we would love to talk to you!


You will receive an e-mail normally within a few minutes, to confirm items ordered, recipients and total value of the order. You will get a second e-mail at a later stage. The second informs you when your order is about to be shipped.

Why Buy From Us
  1. It is our business so we really do care about our customers and the service we provide.
  2. We have been supplying Bathroom Lighting for over 12 years Online.
  3. The largest range of Bathroom Lights in the UK. We import lights from Italy, Germany, Sweden and Spain so we can offer unique styles and products that are hard to source.
  4. Sales Staff with excellent product knowledge and available to offer great advice.
  5. We have great relationships with our manufacturers, so any product issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  6. If you don't like the lights, there is no re-stocking charge. We make it very easy to return your lights and get a refund on your order.
  7. We work with a wide range of commercial lighting consultants and landscape designers and can offer a style of lighting to meet any project needs or landscape design.
1 x Astro Lighting 0583 Mashiko 500 Astro Light
1 x Hib Celeste LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaving Socket and Shelf
1 x Astro Lighting 0878 Mashiko 600
1 x Hib Keo LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Socket and Glass Shelf
2 x Astro Lighting 0877 Mashiko Classic 360 Bronze
2 x Endon 28506 Lipco Medium Round Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Diamond LED Illuminated Mirror
1 x Endon Onan 68930 Chrome LED Wall Light with Shaver Socket
1 x Astro Lighting 0548 Fuji Shaver Mirror
2 x Astro Lighting 0584 Mashiko 300 (polished chrome)
2 x Dar Zodiac Shaver Socket LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Hib Aztec LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Socket and Glass Shelf
2 x Astro Lighting 0639 Mashiko 300 (Bronze)
1 x Endon Panello 39913 Wall Light with Shaver Socket
1 x Dar Zodiac ZOD98 Shaver Socket LED Illuminated Mirror
1 x Hib Rain LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Socket and Glass Shelf
2 x Astro Lighting 0891 Mashiko 400 (Chrome)
2 x Astro Lighting 0911 Mashiko 900
1 x Astro Lighting 0845 Mashiko Classic 360 bathroom wall light
1 x Endon Convesso 39148 Wall Light with Shaver Socket
1 x Astro Lighting 0681 Mashiko Classic 300 (chrome)
1 x Elstead Malibu Flush Polished Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Bathroom Lights
1 x Zone 3 Bathroom Lights
1 x Astro Lighting 6156 Aqua Triple Round Polished Chrome Ceiling Li
2 x Astro Lighting 5753 Vancouver 90 Square LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 5510 Vancouver Square 12v Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 7077 Mashiko Round 300 ceiling light
1 x Astro Lighting 7179 Mashiko Round 230 ceiling light
1 x Astro Lighting 7186 Sabina 280
2 x Elstead Crystal Skye KL/CRSTSKYE/P/A 6 Light Chandelier
1 x LED Lora Chrome Small ceiling light 93294
1 x Astro Lighting 7095 Sabina Square Ceiling Light
1 x palmera Chrome ceiling light
1 x Palmera Matt Nickel ceiling light
1 x Elstead Binstead 3 Light Chandelier
1 x Nordlux IP S9 LED White Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7421 Lighting Mashiko Round 400 Polished Chrome C
2 x Astro Lighting 6153 Aqua Triple Round Matt White Ceiling Light
2 x Elstead Payne FE/PAYNE/MP Bathroom LED Pendant
1 x Endon Portico 59850 Chrome Wall/Ceiling Light
1 x Endon 72561 Tabitha 8 Light Chandelier
2 x Elstead Crystal Skye KL/CRSTSKYE/ISLE Oval Chandelier
1 x Endon Knight 39167 Chrome Round 3 Light Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7495 Kos Round Black LED Downlighter
1 x Endon Knight 39168 Chrome Triple Spotlight Bar
1 x Endon Knight 39166 Single Chrome Spotlight
1 x IP44 Lighting | IP44 Bathroom
1 x Endon Cosmo 39297 Chrome Triple Bar Ceiling Light
2 x Astro Lighting 7160 Taketa LED Matt Nickel Wall/Ceiling Light
1 x Lighting Fixtures Bathroom
1 x Astro Lighting 7024 Sabina 170 ceiling light
1 x Elstead Jasper KL/JASPER1 single wall light
1 x Astro Lighting 7995 Massa 300 LED Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7594 Cortona 240 Ceiling Light
2 x Astro Lighting 7395 Massa Sensor LED Ceiling Light
2 x Astro Lighting 7190 Evros Bathroom Chandelier
2 x Astro Lighting 7394 Massa 350 Ceiling Light
1 x Palermo Matt Nickel ceiling light 22.5 cm
1 x Palermo Round 22.5cm Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Nordlux IP S4 Brushed Steel Ceiling Light
3 x Astro Lighting 8051 Kiwi Three Polished Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Mantra ceiling light
1 x Endon Essence 70330 5 Light Flush LED Ceiling Light
1 x Endon Cosmo 39617 3 light Round Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Endon Travis EL-20109 Polished Chrome Round 3 Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0963 Arezzo Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7413 Osaka Sensor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0934 Taketa Plus Matt Nickel
1 x Astro Lighting 7932 Taketa LED Polished Chrome
1 x Endon Baron EL-1303-5CH Chrome 5 light Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 8038 Bari White Wall Light
1 x Endon Essence 70254 3 Light Flush LED Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Peta LED Flush Polished Chrome and Crystal Bead Ceiling Ligh
1 x Astro Lighting 0587 Denia
1 x Elstead Whitby LED Flush Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0591 Mallon Plus
2 x Astro Lighting 8013 Altea 150 LED Polished Chrome Wall/Ceiling L
1 x bathroom Square Ceiling Light
1 x Fabbian Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 8011 Kiwi LED Ceiling Pendant
1 x Dar Barclay Large Polished Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Formula Square Bathroom Ceiling Light
1 x Elstead Ryde LED Ceiling Light
2 x Astro Lighting 7627 Mascali Round LEDIlluminated Vanity Mirror
1 x Elstead Woodward Small Polished Nickel Flush Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Beta Flush Ceiling Light
1 x Endon Britton 51886 3 Light Chandelier
1 x Astro LED Driver 250mA 10w
1 x Dar Cyro Large Polished Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Barclay Antique Brass Small Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Barclay Antique Brass Large Ceiling Light
2 x Astro Lighting 8009 Kiwi LED Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7934 Dakota 300 LED Polished Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7988 Mashiko Round 300 LED Bronze Plated
1 x Endon Rita 68913 Colour Changing 5 Light LED Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Osis Ceiling light
1 x Elstead Jasper KL/JASPER3 3 light wall light
1 x Astro Lighting 7933 Mallon LED Ceiling Light
1 x Elstead Newbury QZ/NEWBURY/F Solid Brass Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7947 Mashiko Round 300 LED Polished Chrome
1 x Elstead Brompton LED Bathroom Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Crawford 3 light Chandelier
1 x Endon Cubita 28679 Medium Square Ceiling Light
1 x Elstead Woodward Large Polished Nickel Flush Ceiling Light
1 x Fabbian Bathroom Light
1 x Single Light Fixture
1 x Astro Lighting 7831 Osaka LED
1 x Endon Thorpe 68814 Flush Crystal Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 7911 Sabina 280 LED Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 5743 Mayfair Fixed White Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 6107 Como triple round
1 x Elstead Ainsley HK/AINSLEY1 Single Wall Light
1 x Elstead Avon Chrome Flush Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 6152 Aqua Single Matt White Wall or Ceiling Light
1 x Elstead Taylor QZ/TAYLOR/SF Flush Ceiling Light
1 x Endon Belfont 61252 Crystal Chandelier
1 x Astro 5696 Vancouver 45 Round LED Downlighter
1 x Endon Chryla 60103 Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting Kyoto LED Pendant 8523
2 x Endon Kristen 61233 Chandelier
1 x Dar Artemis 4 light Square Plate Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Rhodes 3 Light Chandelier
1 x Elstead Amalia FE/AMALIA1/LBATH Large LED Wall Light
2 x Endon Tabitha 61251 3 light Flush Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 6155 Aqua Single Polished Chrome Wall or Ceiling
1 x Dar Cedric 3 Light Round Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0564 Dakota 300 Polished Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Bathroom Ceiling/Wall Lighting
1 x Bathroom Ceiling Lights
1 x Bathroom Wall Light Fixture
1 x Endon Portico 12421 Brushed Chrome Wall/Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0485 Niro Illuminated Vanity Mirror
1 x Nordlux IP S10 LED Vanity Mirror 3x Magnification
2 x Dar Gibson Illuminated Vanity Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 7169 Asini Bathroom Chandelier
2 x Elstead Crystal Skye KL/CRSTSKYE8 8 Light Chandelier
1 x Elstead Wallingford 3 light chandelier
2 x Astro Lighting 7968 Mascali Square Illuminated Vanity Mirror
1 x Endon Crystal 35612 5 light Chandelier
1 x Bathroom Lighting Pendant
1 x Astro Lighting 0760 Niimi Round Illuminated Magnified Vanity Mir
1 x Astro Lighting 0815 Niimi Square Illuminated Magnified Vanity Mi
1 x Astro Lighting 0355 Torino Illuminated Magnified Vanity Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 0628 Catena Illuminated Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 0356 Genova Illuminated Magnified Vanity Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 0526 Gena Plus Illuminated Magnified Mirror
1 x Astro Cento Square Illuminated vanity mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 0488 Gena Illuminated Magnified Vanity Mirror
1 x Fabbian Bathroom Ceiling Pendant
1 x Elstead Hendrik KL/HENDRIK/SF Semi Flush Ceiling Light
2 x Astro Lighting 7109 Oslo 100 LED Black Wall Light
2 x Astro Lighting 8010 Kiwi LED Wall Light Polished Chrome
1 x Astro Lighting 0826 Tango LED Brushed Stainless Steel
1 x Astro Lighting 7838 Versailles 400 LED Polished Chrome Wall Ligh
2 x Astro Lighting 8015 Altea 500 LED Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7509 Kos Square LED Painted Silver Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0434 Roma (switched)
1 x Astro Lighting 0829 Bloc LED Chrome
1 x Astro Lighting 0512 Anja Shaver Light Bar
1 x Elstead Ainsley HK/AINSLEY2 Twin Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7619 Palermo 600 LED Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0656 Noventa bathroom wall light
2 x Astro Lighting 7989 Oslo 255 LED Black Up/Down Wall Light
1 x Dar Artemis 1 light spotlight
1 x Astro Lighting 7128 Chios 150 LED Black Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7801 Mashiko Classic 360 Matt Gold Wall Light
1 x Elstead Amalia FE/AMALIA1/SBATH Small LED Wall Light
2 x Astro Lighting 7991 Oslo 255 LED White Up/Down Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7983 Monza 400 LED Bronze Effect Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 5734 Vetro Round Fire Rated Black LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 7089 Borgo 55 LED Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0275 Shaver Light bathroom
1 x Astro Lighting 7088 Borgo 90 LED Wall Light
1 x Astro 700mA LED driver 1-3w
2 x Astro Lighting 7133 Belgravia 500 LED
1 x Astro Lighting 7564 Chios 80 LED White Wall Light
1 x Dar Artemis Twin wall light Polished Chrome
2 x Astro Lighting 8008 Kiwi LED Wall Light Polished Copper
1 x Dar Logic 4 light LED ceiling light
1 x Astro Lighting 7975 Artemis 900 LED
1 x Elstead Hendrik KL/HENDRIK3 Triple Wall Light Light
1 x Astro 5706 Vetro Twin Black Recessed Light
1 x Contemporary Wall Lights for Bathroom
1 x Astro Lighting 7978 Deauville Polished Chrome Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7958 Mashiko 360 LED Bronze Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7990 Oslo 255 LED Painted Silver Up/Down Wall Lig
1 x Astro Lighting 7508 Kos Polished Chrome LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 7974 Artemis 600 LED
1 x Dar Riley Low Energy strip light
1 x Astro Lighting 8055 Roma Matt Gold Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7620 Palermo 900 LED Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0893 Bergamo LED 600
1 x Cubetto Light | Cubetto Lights
1 x Elstead Seaview QZ/SEAVIEW3 3Light Over Mirror Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 5773 Void Round 80 LED White Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 7126 Chios 80 LED Black Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0825 Tango White LED
1 x Astro Lighting 7247 Zeppo Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0666 Siena Oval
1 x Elstead Mona KL/MONA/S NBR Natural Brass Small Wall Light
1 x Dar Zodiac ZOD92 LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 7491 Sparta 1200 LED Wall Light
2 x Astro Lighting 7348 Kashima LED 350
1 x Astro Lighting 6121 Como twin
1 x Astro Lighting 7981 Deauville Bronze Plated Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7175 Kos Polished Chrome LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 7369 Orpheus LED Polished Chrome Wall Light
1 x Dar Rhodes Bathroom Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0992 Mirror Mounting Kit 2
1 x Astro Lighting 7480 Borgo 43 LED Polished Stainless Steel Wall L
1 x Astro Lighting 0828 Alba Chrome bathroom wall light
1 x Dar Bueno Double wall light
1 x Astro Lighting 7622 Romano 600 LED Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0573 Kyoto 365
1 x Astro Lighting 7101 Dio LED
1 x Elstead Mona KL/MONA/L PC Polished Chrome Large Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0943 Tube LED
1 x Elstead Verve HK/VERVE1 Single LED Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7621 Palermo 1200 LED Wall Light
1 x Astro 8057 Bari Matt Gold Wall Light
1 x Elstead Seaview QZ/SEAVIEW1 LED Single Wall Light
1 x Elstead Crystal Skye KL/CRSTSKYE2 Crystal Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 5748 Vetro Twin White
1 x Astro Lighting 8047 Altea 300 LED Polished Chrome Wall/Ceiling L
1 x Astro Lighting 5769 Obscura Square LED White Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 8056 Roma Polished Copper Finish Wall Light
1 x Elstead Demelza BATH/DEMELZA PC Polished Chrome LED Wall Light
1 x Elstead Mona KL/MONA/S PB Polished Bras Small Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7490 Artemis 1200 LED Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7481 Borgo 43 LED Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Li
1 x Astro Lighting 7837 Versailles 250 LED Polished Chrome Wall Ligh
1 x Astro Lighting 0655 Verona bathroom wall light
1 x Astro Lighting 1970 E27 9w LED Dimmable Lamp
1 x Astro Lighting 7160 Taketa LED MN Ceiling Light
1 x Elstead Verve HK/VERVE2 Twin LED Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 0565 Dakota Plus 300 Polished Chrome Ceiling Ligh
1 x Dar Reflex Double Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 8058 Bari Polished Copper Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7134 Mashiko 600 LED
1 x Elstead Agatha BATH/AGATHA BN Brushed Nickel Wall Light
2 x Astro Lighting 6157 Aqua Triple Bar Polished Chrome
1 x Elstead Mona KL/MONA/L Classic Pewter Large Wall Light
1 x Elstead Taylor QZ/TAYLOR1L Large Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7942 Mashiko 300 LED Polished Chrome
1 x Elstead Hendrik KL/HENDRIK2 Twin Wall Light Light
1 x Elstead Jasper KL/JASPER4 4 light wall light
1 x Elstead Daphne LED HK/Daphne3 3 Light Wall Light
1 x Astro Lighting 5755 Vetro Square White Recessed Light
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