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  1. It is our business so we really do care about our customers and the service we provide.
  2. We have been supplying Bathroom Lighting for over 12 years Online.
  3. The largest range of Bathroom Lights in the UK. We import lights from Italy, Germany, Sweden and Spain so we can offer unique styles and products that are hard to source.
  4. Sales Staff with excellent product knowledge and available to offer great advice.
  5. We have great relationships with our manufacturers, so any product issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  6. If you don't like the lights, there is no re-stocking charge. We make it very easy to return your lights and get a refund on your order.
  7. We work with a wide range of commercial lighting consultants and landscape designers and can offer a style of lighting to meet any project needs or landscape design.
1 x Astro Lighting 6154 Aqua Triple Bar Matt White Wall/Ceiling Ligh
1 x Astro Lighting 7495 Kos Round Black LED Downlighter
2 x Hib Duna LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Endon KASTOS Illuminated LED Mirror
1 x Endon Britton 51886 3 Light Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 6155 Aqua Single Polished Chrome Wall or Ceiling
2 x Hib Solar LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
2 x Krebs Baroque 5 Polished Brass Almond Ball Chandelier
1 x Dar Zodiac ZOD92 LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
2 x Hib Hannah LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Endon Cosmo 39297 Chrome Triple Bar Ceiling Light
1 x Endon Omega 39237 LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 7200 Terra 28 Square LED Downlighter
2 x Astro Lighting 5744 Mayfair LED Adjustable Downlighter
2 x Hib Rain LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Socket and Glass Shelf
1 x Astro Lighting 6156 Aqua Triple Round Polished Chrome Ceiling Li
1 x Elstead Crystal Skye KL/CRSTSKYE2 Crystal Wall Light
1 x Endon Merle 60898 LED Illuminated Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 7627 Mascali Round LEDIlluminated Vanity Mirror
1 x Masiero Drylight S12 Bathroom Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 7509 Kos Square LED Painted Silver Ceiling Light
2 x Krebs Empire Nobel Nickel Crystal Drops Chandelier
2 x Hib Natalia LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 7176 Kos White LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 6138 Tokai Twin Bar
1 x Astro Lighting 5753 Vancouver 90 Square LED Downlighter
1 x Dar Logic 4 light LED ceiling light
1 x Dar Elba 5 light Chandelier
1 x Endon Thorpe 68814 Flush Crystal Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 0662 Fuji Wide 950 Illuminated Mirror
1 x Dar Gibson Illuminated Vanity Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 8051 Kiwi Three Polished Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Masiero Drylight S6
1 x Dar Zodiac ZOD98 Shaver Socket LED Illuminated Mirror
1 x Masiero Drylight S24 Bathroom Chandelier
1 x Endon Spegel 13759 LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
2 x Tamara Triple Round
1 x Endon Belfont 61252 Crystal Chandelier
1 x Nordlux IP S4 Brushed Steel Ceiling Light
2 x Hib Aztec LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Socket and Glass Shelf
2 x Krebs Oscar 6 Nickel Luxury Crystal Bathroom Chandelier
2 x Hib Aaron LED illuminated Bathroom Mirror
2 x Tamara triple bar
1 x Astro Lighting 5514 Frascati Square 12v Downlighter
1 x Endon Travis EL-20108 Chrome Twin Bar Spotlight
2 x Krebs Empire Nobel Cognac Crystal Drops Bathroom Chandelier
1 x Endon Rift 60895 LED Illuminated Mirror With Shaver Socket
1 x Astro Lighting 5773 Void Round 80 LED White Downlighter
1 x Dar Crawford 3 light Chandelier
2 x Hib Keo LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Socket and Glass Shelf
1 x Astro Lighting 5732 Vetro Square Fire Rated Black LED Downlighte
1 x Astro Lighting 5622 Kamo 230v Chrome Fire Rated Downlighter
1 x Dar Artemis 1 light spotlight
1 x Astro 60VA Transformer for 12V Lights
1 x Astro Lighting 5519 Vancouver Square
1 x Astro Lighting 6106 Como single
1 x Endon Tabitha 61384 Chain Lantern
1 x Krebs Plafond 36cm Nickel Finsh Octagon Crystal Chandel
2 x Hib Ella LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 5772 Void Round 55 White LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 5731 Vetro Square Fire Rated White LED Downlighte
1 x Dar Zodiac Shaver Socket LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Endon Perle 13760 LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Endon Chryla 60103 Ceiling Light
1 x Elstead Crystal Skye KL/CRSTSKYE/ISLE Oval Chandelier
1 x Dar Diamond LED Illuminated Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 7199 Terra 28 Round LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 5766 Obscura Square LED Polished Chrome Downlight
1 x Bathroom Spotlights
1 x Astro Lighting 7169 Asini Bathroom Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 5734 Vetro Round Fire Rated Black LED Downlighter
1 x Astro 5696 Vancouver 45 Round LED Downlighter
1 x Elstead Cheadle 3 Light Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 7175 Kos Polished Chrome LED Downlighter
2 x Krebs Baroque 5 Almond Obelisk Crystal Nickel Finish Chandelier
1 x IP40 Bathroom Light
1 x Astro Lighting 5752 Vancouver 90 Round LED Downlighter
2 x Astro Lighting 5708 Kamo LED Polished Chrome Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 0762 Flair 1250 illuminated mirror
1 x Endon Knight 39167 Chrome Round 3 Light Ceiling Light
1 x Dar Artemis 4 light Square Plate Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 5768 Obscura Round LED Polished Chrome Downlighte
1 x Astro Lighting 5733 Vetro Round Fire Rated White LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 5743 Mayfair Fixed White Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 5621 Kamo White 230v Fire Rated Downlighter
1 x Endon Beta 39233 Illuminated LED Mirror with LED Clock
1 x Endon Tabitha 61251 3 light Flush Chandelier
2 x Krebs Plafond 36cm Polished Brass Octagon Crystal Chandelier
1 x Endon Crystal 35612 5 light Chandelier
1 x Endon KALAMOS LED Illuminated Mirror
2 x Krebs Baroque 5 Almond Ball Crystal Nickel Finish Chandelier
2 x Hib Victoria LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x Elstead Crystal Skye KL/CRSTSKYE/P/A 6 Light Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 0536 Fuji Wide 1250 Illuminated Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 5767 Obscura Round White LED Downlighter
1 x Endon Mareh 13758 LED Illuminated Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 5769 Obscura Square LED White Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 5624 Trimless 230v
1 x Beluga Stone
1 x Dar Crawford 5 light Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 5623 Trimless (12v)
1 x Elstead Binstead 3 Light Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 7507 Imola 900 LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
1 x IP67 Bathroom Spotlight
1 x Astro Lighting 7508 Kos Polished Chrome LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 6121 Como twin
1 x Astro Lighting 0898 Calabria Illuminated Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 5510 Vancouver Square 12v Downlighter
1 x Endon Nico LED Illuminated Mirror with Shaver Socket
1 x Astro Lighting 7511 Kos Square White LED Downlighter
2 x Hib Celeste LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaving Socket and Shelf
1 x Astro Lighting 5658 Kamo White 230v downlighter
1 x Elstead Wallingford 3 light chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 7409 Avlon 900 Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirror
1 x Endon Toba 51898 LED Battery Operated Mirror
1 x Elstead Crystal Skye KL/CRSTSKYE8 8 Light Chandelier
1 x Bathroom Spotlight Fixture
1 x Nordlux IP S4 White Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 6153 Aqua Triple Round Matt White Ceiling Light
1 x Astro Lighting 7510 Kos Square Black LED Downlighter
1 x Astro Lighting 5502 Frascati Square 230v Downlighter
1 x Endon Travis EL-20109 Polished Chrome Round 3 Light
1 x Astro Lighting 6152 Aqua Single Matt White Wall or Ceiling Light
2 x Krebs Baroque 5 Polished Brass Almond Obelisk Chandelier
1 x Astro Lighting 6136 Tokai Triple Round
1 x Endon Liz 52034 Back Lit LED Illuminated Mirror
1 x Astro Lighting 0440 Galaxy Illuminated Mirror
1 x Dar Artemis Twin wall light Polished Chrome
1 x Astro Lighting 5518 Vancouver Round
1 x Endon Glimpse Illuminated Mirror with Shaver Socket
1 x Grafik 370
1 x Palmera Matt Nickel ceiling light
1 x Gita 1 600
1 x Zola 570
1 x Palermo glass twin wall light
1 x Sticker Opal
1 x Palmera Twin Matt Nickel wall light
1 x Sintra Twin
1 x Palermo Matt Nickel ceiling light 22.5 cm
1 x Tron
1 x Palmera White Round ceiling light
1 x Zola 390
1 x Palermo Single (Glass)
1 x Sticker Satinated Glass
1 x Palmera Matt Nickel wall light
1 x Eglo Ella
1 x Palermo Round 22.5cm Chrome Ceiling Light
1 x Grafik 210
1 x Samira Small
1 x Palermo Round 29.5cm Matt Nickel ceiling light
1 x Granada Chrome
1 x Zola 280
1 x Palmera Tube Chrome wall light
1 x Sintra single
1 x Palermo Matt Nickel wall light
1 x Tamara single
1 x LED Lora Chrome Large ceiling light 93295
1 x Palermo single Matt Nickel wall light
1 x Palmera globe wall light
1 x palmera Chrome ceiling light
1 x Gita 1 900
1 x Eglo Bari 1 350 Opal
1 x Palermo Round wall light
1 x Spike
1 x LED Lora Chrome Small ceiling light 93294
1 x Sintra Triple
Lorraine can provide you with lighting advice.

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